Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Spidey Poster Suggests Involvement of Mysterio - Updated

UPDATE! (Dec. 17, 2011)

I feel compelled to address my rant about "The Amazing Spider-Man" from earlier this week. That's because the movie's website was updated with lots of nice new images and character descriptions that seem to point to "The Untold Story" being the tale of Peter's mom and dad's death and how that helps shape him as a hero. This could be an interesting new spin on his origin, since it's never been addressed in the comics in a very serious way.

Sorry to jump to conclusions, Mr. Mysterio, sir. Carry on.

Original Blog Entry (Dec. 13, 2011)

You see, I'm starting to think that Mysterio is handling the marketing of the new Spider-Man movie.

The teaser poster for "The Amazing Spider-Man" was released last week, and as most things tend to do these days, it ignited a minor Internet uproar. Many (myself included) have been critical of the teaser trailer that was released many months ago, largely because it looked like the movie will be rehashing the same ground that Spider-Man movie from 2002 covered - in essence, the origin of Spidey.

Now, this poster adds a new fold to the controversy by including the tag line, "The Untold Story." See, I thought this was a relaunch. Is it not? Is it a story that just got left out of the universe of the original three movies? I really did not think that this was the intent of this film. If it is then has Curt Connors been the Lizard the whole time? Did Pete really fall for Gwen Stacy before MJ? Did Tobey Maguire turn into a more attractive British actor for a brief stint? It just raises too many questions and complicates what should be a clean start.

My hope is that we can chalk this up to bad marketing, but if that's so, why is director Mark Webb (yes, Webb) putting his stamp of approval on it? I'm not going to lie fanboys and girls, it has me a mite bit worried.

All will be revealed when the movie is released on July 3, 2012 in a theater near you. Until then, I suppose we can let Mysterio have his fun.

The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Poster 
(Click to Enlarge This Head-scratcher)

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