Monday, December 12, 2011

Men in Black 3 Teaser Trailer Premieres

I remember seeing the original MIB in theaters more than once upon its release. Being a broke teenager at the time, multiple viewings of the same flick while it was still playing on the big screen was not a regular occurrence. Ultimately, my love for MIB did not survive the release of the abysmal second entry in the series and oddly, I never sought out the comic book that inspired the film, but that first MIB really captured my imagination at the time.

I've always seen this property as ripe with opportunity for more good stories. So, with the arrival of the first official trailer for MIB3 my hopes are officially up. Especially since we get time travel this time. For me, time travel's like bacon. You put bacon on something, it becomes exponentially better than it ever was. Same thing with time travel. And aliens. Whatta you know! This movie has both.

Check out the trailer below! Mmmmm ... time travel.

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