Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Amazing Spider-Man" Trailer Premieres

Released just over 24 hours after the bombastic "Avengers" trailer, "The Amazing Spider-Man" preview debuted late last night and successfully put my fears about the film to rest. This time around, there's no sign of the origin story from the teaser trailer that sparked so much discussion. No doubt it's still in the movie, but it looks like it will be a decidedly smaller part than it was first made out to be. While the "Avengers" should easily steal much of the movie-going attention this summer, this movie looks to have a better chance at telling a much more interesting (albeit much smaller-scale) yarn. I, as a rabid Spidey fan, am all for it!

"The Amazing Spider-Man" premieres on July 3 in the U.S. Check out the trailer below! I'll see you at the midnight showing.

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