Friday, August 12, 2011

DC Comics Week: The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight isn't scheduled to rise until next year, but judging by the amount of spoilage that's being released by way of both spy photos from the set and officially released material, it looks like we're going to know the whole story by say...oh, I don't know...the end of next week?

Whether it's Anne Hathaway's half-baked Catwoman outfit (confirmed to be just that - we'll see a more complete costume in the film), the photos from Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, or the Bane vs. Bats videos, I'm afraid too much of this is being shared too early on. And to be honest, I'm not loving what I'm seeing.

From now on, this humble fanboy will only be watching officially released trailers. I still doubt that this movie will come anywhere near the brillance of "The Dark Knight," but I'm determined to make my mind up in the theatre on July 20, 2012 and not before then.

The Dark Knight Rises - Teaser Trailer - Watch more Funny Videos


  1. Yee of little faith - name one bad movie directed by Christopher Nolan...

  2. That's true. More than anything, I'm concerned about inclusion of Bane. I think that the success of this one us going to ride on how well Nolan uses the League of Shadows.

    He's a brave, brave man to even try to tell another story in this universe after TDK.