Monday, July 25, 2011

The 5 Most Exciting Announcements at SDCC '11

At the top of my bucket list sits the goal of attending the San Diego Comic Con, but until that fateful day comes, I'll have to settle for online coverage. Although, I wasn't there, 5 projects were announced that stood out as ones that are worth obsessing over until their release. In no particular order...

Brian K. Vaughan's "Saga"
Returning to the comics scene with an idea that's been bouncing around his head for years, Brian K. Vaughan is tackling a sci-fi epic for Image comics. "Balls to the wall sci-fi," says Vaughan. The story will follow a family living during a time of an intergalactic war. Although very little info was released along with this image, my faith in BKV knows no bounds. Plus, that guy on the cover has a mountain goat horn and his baby's a devil-thing. Nice.

The Incredible Hulk" Relaunch
by Jason Aaron & Mark Silvestri
I've never loved Hulk the way I love other characters in the Marvel Universe, but I love Silvestri's art and Jason Aaron is growing on me. Knowing what I know of Aaron's writing style, our worst case scenario is that we get a dull, slow-paced book with amazing art. Best case scenario, we get a "Return of the Monster" flavored tale, with amazing art. As an intro to Aaron's work, I highly recommend "Get Mystique." Very good stuff. This will definitely be added to the ol' pull list.

Jurassic Park 4
No matter how bad a JP movie they make, I'm always going to want another one. This one's been rumored for years, but Spielbergo confirmed at the con that we'll see another one in 2013 or 2014. Then he started talking about the much-anticipated Tin Tin and everybody said, "Yeah, yeah...shut up. Tell me more about Jurassic Park!" (I would imagine.) He didn't. For now, let's just pretend that he revealed that the children in JP4 get eaten two minutes after landing on the island.

The Walking Dead Season 2
The second arc in Robert Kirkman's zombie epic was weaker than the first in the comics. It doesn't look like the TV show is going to follow suit. Tell me these aren't the most terrifying zombies ever on film:

Right? C'mon. Just let me hide under this car without you sticking your rotting face down here to bite me. This looks every bit as good as I'd hoped it would. October can't be here soon enough.

And finally...

The Avengers movie is still a real thing.
OK, to be fair, this was announced years ago, but every time I see something like this banner that shows the team all together (especially with the Hulk looking all Keown-y), I realize that its impending release is not just a recurring dream. Let's face it, once it's released there's no way this can live up to our expectations, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to live in a pre-Phantom Menace-like state of exuberance until it's ruined for me.

So who's up for checking SDCC off the bucket list with me next year? Let me know soon so that we can start to work on our Wonder Twins costumes.

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